Defined Terms:
  • “Doula” means the doula providing services

  • “Client” means the person who is giving birth and has agreed to this contract

  • “Partner” means the one person who is accompanying the Client, if applicable. This person may include, but is not limited to: a spouse, significant other, boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • “Child” means the currently unborn child with whom the Client is currently pregnant. It does not refer to any other children the Client may have.


The Doula does not make decisions on behalf of the Client, but is present to help the Client understand options and make their own decisions in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum and in caring for the Child and the Client. The Doula may offer suggestions, but any action taken (or not taken) by the Client is done so at the Client’s own risk. Nothing the Doula communicates shall be interpreted as medical advice or considered a substitute for a professional medical healthcare provider or intended to diagnose or treat. The Doula will not be held liable for the health or wellness of the Client, Partner, or Child. The Doula will not be held liable for undesired outcomes (including but not limited to physical and emotional outcomes) during pregnancy, labor, birth, or postpartum. Moreover, the Doula will not be held liable for any advice given or action taken (or not taken) by the Client’s medical providers or any other person.

 The Doula will not: 

  • Perform any clinical assessments or medical procedures (including but not limited to: cervical exams, assessing the Client’s or Child’s well-being, monitoring fetal heart tones, blood pressure checks).

  • Give medical advice of any kind.

  • Provide transportation on behalf of the Client or Partner.

  • Speak on behalf of the Client unless specifically asked to by the Client or the Partner. Instead, the Doula will help facilitate conversation between the Client and the healthcare providers.

  • Assist in the delivery of the Child, with or without the Client’s healthcare provider present. 

Contact information:

If you would like to contact us to understand more about this Policy or wish to contact us concerning any matter relating to a doula's responsibilities and liabilities, you may send an email to hello@holdinghopebirth.com.