Other Services

three green leafed plants
three green leafed plants

There are many other ways you - in your unique situation - may need support and care during this time. I would love to journey with you in whichever ways you most need!

What other ways do you need support?
  • Understanding your options for birth and writing a birth plan

  • Someone to listen to you and help you process all the changes you are experiencing and your accompanying emotions

  • Navigating your relationship with your partner during this time - knowing how to communicate well and what to be doing and talking about together

  • Exploring your spirituality and questions you may have about God as you are in transition and think about parenting this new child

There is a lot going on and I desire for you to experience real transformation during this time! Pregnancy and childbirth shouldn't be something to just get through, or to throw some parties for – but a time that truly births a new person as well as a new baby. A new person who has grown and changed during this time; who feels seen, supported, and empowered; who knows their dignity and worth; who has confidence to move forward in the next stage of their life. You know you best, and I would love to be a resource and support in ways that feel helpful to you. So please let me know what you need, and we can discuss if it is possible!

What Support Do You Need?

Let me know what needs you are experiencing or what hopes and dreams you have for this time of your life - and we can see how we can best work together!

I am currently working with people in the Orlando area including Orange County, Seminole County, areas of Lake County, and the northern part of Osceola County. I prefer to work within 35 miles of downtown Orlando, but will travel up to 50 miles and may occasionally make exceptions for farther distances.

I believe everyone deserves to be supported during pregnancy and birth, regardless of anything about them, their background, or their current situation - including financial situation. Cost should not be a barrier. Please reach out to me for more details about my fee structure, but know that finances will not be a reason I won't work with you.