Childbirth Education

person sitting on stack of books while reading
person sitting on stack of books while reading

Pregnancy, birth, and parenting are no easy tasks! Whether this is your first time or you already have children, it's important to understand what is happening to your body, what to expect, and how you can best prepare for and navigate all of the stages of this journey.

Some of the topics we'll cover:
  • Basic anatomy

  • What you might experience during pregnancy

  • Preparing for birth and writing a birth plan

  • Signs of labor & what to do

  • Overview of the labor & delivery process (the stages of labor)

  • Potential complications in pregnancy and birth - and how to make decisions

  • Some medical procedures

  • Comfort measures

  • Newborn care basics

  • Postpartum care

  • Basics of breastfeeding

There is a lot of information out there! I provide customized, individual classes for you and your partner so that you can be informed and prepared.

Get Started!

I would be honored to be a part of your preparation for birth and beyond. Please let me know a little more information so we can design childbirth education that meeds your needs.

I am currently working with people in the Orlando area including Orange County, Seminole County, areas of Lake County, and the northern part of Osceola County. I prefer to work within 35 miles of downtown Orlando, but will travel up to 50 miles and may occasionally make exceptions for farther distances.

I believe everyone deserves to be supported during pregnancy and birth, regardless of anything about them, their background, or their current situation - including financial situation. Cost should not be a barrier. Please reach out to me for more details about my fee structure, but know that finances will not be a reason I won't work with you.